Have you ever gone canoeing at night on a reservoir, only illuminated by the reflection of the stars on the water?

This is your experience: aA basic talk on canoeing with a qualified canoeing instructor. Once the safety and learning talk is over, we will embark in the canoes We will embark on the canoes and we will go to the centre of the reservoir.

Once in the centre of the marsh, with everything dark and dark, only contemplating the reflection of the stars in the water, a certified starlight astro-tourism instructor will show you the fabulous world of astronomy: You will learn to differentiate constellations and stars, to orientate yourself in the night sky, to know why we see different constellations at different times of the year and to know a little more about the curious history of our universe.

Once the talk is over, there will be free time to sail around the reservoir while contemplating the beauty of the night sky reflected in the water.