Immerse yourself in a dark sky within reach of your senses. A sensory experience surrounded by nature where you will recover an almost lost heritage of humanity, our dark sky.

With this astro-tourism activity you will learn to locate yourself at night, to know where the north is with the help of the stars.

They will teach you to identify and the main constellations of each season of the year. You will recognise Orion, the Can Major, Sagittarius, Scorpio, etc. at a glance.

They will tell you about the mythology surrounding our constellations. Remember that the ancient Greeks described the shape of the stars in the sky by assigning them figures related to their mythology and gods.

They will explain why we see some constellations in summer and different constellations at other times of the year, through the movements of the earth. Note that the earth has at least 10 different motions.... I'll leave it at that.

We will tell you a brief history and explanation of our universe. We will also answer your curious questions.

Finally, we will observe the moon, planets and some galaxies, nebulae and star clusters with high-end telescopes.

All this is always led by an astronomy expert certified in starlight astrotourism.

In short, an immersive experience in a privileged natural environment at your fingertips, or rather, "at the fingertips of your senses".