Although there are historical references to bullfights and other spectacles having been held here since at least the 17th century, the current construction dates from 1993, and the bullring is used as a public car park throughout the year. The bullring is used as a public car park throughout the year and is also the site of the weekly market, where the residents of the houses accessed from the bullring are not allowed to enter or leave their homes while the bullfight is taking place. From the balconies of the houses, the neighbours can watch the bullfights free of charge, however, the town council (owner of the bullring) established a limitation in the 90's, making it necessary to give "special passes" to friends and relatives who wanted to watch the bullfight from the balcony of the houses in the the same bullring there is a bar open all year round, which is forced to close its doors only while the bull is alive in the arena. As soon as the bull is killed, the doors are opened so that the public can go and get drinks. At the sound of the bugles, the doors of the bar close again.