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Who we are

 I am Javier Molina.

I was born in Madrid in 1965. Son of José and Manuela, I am the middle of three brothers.

I had a childhood like the ones in the past, like those of the children in Cuéntame: a priest's school, afternoons playing football in the neighbourhood and weekends and holidays at the house in Navacerrada. A hard-working father who always came home late and a mother with a strong character who tried to keep everything in order, although I didn't make it easy for her.

 I have always been a very dynamic person, and I have lived intensely before I got to where I am today.


When I was a kid I wanted to be a goalkeeper for Real Madrid. I even played in the youth teams until a knee injury cut short that dream. But from my sofa there is no sport I can't resist: football, basketball, tennis, motorbikes, Formula 1... I'm unbeatable with the orange questions on Trivial.

 I studied tourism. And I spent the best years of my life as a guide on five continents. I have a thousand stories to tell about that time.

I worked for a long time in the commercial department of an American airline and for several years in a marketing and promotional gifts company that we imported from China. I have also been an economic and team manager in a luxury restaurant...

Travelling, managing, negotiating and coordinating: that would sum up how I have made my living.

 I also like watching series and taking photos. I'm fluent in English, and I can get by in French (Nadal style).

On a personal level, I was married for many years and, although it didn't end well, my two girls were born from that relationship: Alejandra and Claudia. One a doctor and the other a nurse, both great, and I was the proudest dad.

 Now you are going to meet me with Amparo. She is the woman who for years has made my life much calmer and much happier. She is the person who has supported me the most from the first moment to start this project, and without her it would not have become a reality. Together we have spent hours and hours hiking in the Tiétar Valley, working at home and in the garden to make you feel the best possible when you come to visit us.

And my other travelling companion is Chipi, my little dog. He is good, smart and very affectionate. He would also love to see you here, but if for some reason you don't want to share the experience with him, it would be no problem to leave him with one of my daughters in Madrid for a few days.

 The idea for El Escondite de Molina arose at the beginning of the pandemic. Between confinements and restrictions I was thinking about how to fit in a new way of working and living, enjoying the tranquillity of the village and the little things it offers us: walks in the countryside, breathing clean air, conversations in front of the fireplace, mojitos by the pool looking at the mountains, a sky full of stars at nightfall... Little by little the project took shape and a few months ago I left my flat in Madrid and came to live here, in Iglesuela del Tiétar, in this house that we built in 2005 and that I would now love to share with you. Throughout the whole process I have been helped by great friends to whom I am eternally grateful. Cecilia and Javi with the decoration of the house, Enrique with his stories and legends of the Valley, Pepe with the dishes that I will cook for you when you come, Laura designing the web and Pichi with the infinite wisdom of someone who has lived all his life in a small village in deep Spain.

 We have everything ready. 

 !! We are waiting for you!